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workshops & outreach

We believe engaging with educators is key for impact both in and out of the classroom. We engage with educators in a variety of ways, including coaching, interviews, pilots, professional development workshops, and co-designing. 

See a list of our current and past workshops.

Interested in professional development? Let us know.

Learn more about other outreach including afterschool programs and speaking engagements.


August: 2-Day Virtual Workshops

Middle School; Mon, July 31-Tue, Aug 1. 11-5pm EST (Zoom)

High School: Wed, Aug 2-Thur, Aug 3. 11am-5pm EST (Zoom)

Explore a variety of NGSS-aligned topics like ionic compounds, intermolecular forces, acids and pH, and chemical reactions by making classroom-ready food labs including fresh cheese, caramel, brown butter, and popping boba.

Because workshops center around hands-on labs and discussions, limited space is available and full participation is required. Our application form outlines the expectations for full participation in this virtual format.

Participants will earn:

  • PDPs for their work

  • a certificate of completion from Harvard University

  • opportunities for stipends after implementation of activities

This session is offered by the Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC) based at Harvard and Bite Scized Education.

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Interested in a teacher workshop or coaching at your school or district?

Let us know by filling out the form below.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.


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Science & Cooking Afterschool Clubs

In this 9-week program, students participate in weekly activities to explore the science behind cooking and food through hands-on activities, labs, and recipes. Students will learn to be and think like a scientist by using scientific inquiry while tinkering with recipes based on their own interests. In addition, students will learn basic chemistry and other scientific concepts through ice cream, bread, and more.

This program is offered by the Harvard Ed Portal in collaboration with Bite Scized Education. In the fall, we offered this program for 6-8th grade students. In the spring, we are offering this program 3-5th grade students at the Harvard Ed Portal.


This spring, we expanded our afterschool programming to include a 8-week program at the Gardener Pilot Academy and the Russell Youth Center in Cambridge, MA. This program is supported by both the Harvard Ed Portal and Materials Research Center and Harvard Ed Portal based at Harvard University.


National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) National Conference in Atlanta

We offered the following presentations at this conference on March 22-25, 2023.

  • Using Food & Cooking to Make Science Experiential and Inclusive (Hands-On Workshop)

  • Tinkering in the Science Classroom using Food and Cooking (Presentation)

  • Teaching Science Through Cooking For Secondary Educators (Presentation)

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Exploring Science Through Food: Brown Butter Popcorn

In this 45-minute virtual presentation for Harvard Graduate School of Education students and alumni, we briefly talked about our mission and values at Bite Scized and walked through an example activity to learn what it looks like to think more closely, observe, and appreciate the phenomena of everyday cooking. 

"Think Like a Scientist"
Harvard Ed. Magazine

We were recently featured in the Harvard Ed. Magazine. See the full video and feature here.

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Teaching Science and Cooking for K-12 Educators: Chemical Reactions through Ricotta and Brown Butter

We presented a session specifically for educators in the Harvard Science and Cooking Public Lecture Series. After briefly talking about our mission, we demonstrated two recipes to learn what it looks like to think more closely, observe, and appreciate the phenomena of everyday cooking. 

This presentation occurred on October 10. Watch an instagram recording of our lecture here.

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