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While each recipe will require its own ingredients (and some of our recipes have one-click shopping links), we recommend having some general equipment and materials if students are making recipes in the classroom.

general equipment:

  • Microwave-safe cups or small bowls can be used for mixing batter and "baking" a cake, like in our microwave chocolate cake. Options for both disposable and reusable options are below.

  • Spoons and forks. Spoons are great for scooping ingredients and mixing dry ingredients. Forks are good for "whisking" batter.

  • Scales. We highly recommend using a scale instead of measuring cups for several reasons. Give one scale to each group. Students are more likely to be precise and teachers don't need to worry about having multiple sets of measuring cups and spoons. We have a budget-friendly option ($11) for a scale below that can measure 2g-5000g. 

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