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Excited and want to join us this summer?

Apply Now: 2024-2025 Science and Cooking for Secondary Science Teachers Program


We are looking for enthusiastic teachers ready to transform their students' experiences in the science classroom through food-based lessons and labs!


This program involves an 8-day hybrid summer workshop at Harvard University, as well as continued engagement through the school year. Learn more and apply now!

Free Lesson Resources



Where to Start?

Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats: Heat & Physical/Chemical Changes

Explore how heat transforms butter through physical and chemical changes by making brown butter, analyzing the process in stages, and making brown butter rice krispie treats.

Color Changing Lemonade: Acidity, pH, and Particles in Liquids

Explore acidity and the behavior of particles in liquids (and its relationship to temperature) by making a color changing butterfly pea flower tea lemonade.

Flour & Flatbread: Measurements & Precision

Explore the importance of precision and accuracy when measuring ingredients by gathering evidence in multiple activities that can be used to support a Claim in a Claim-Evidence-Reasoning response.

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