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Objective: Explore practical applications of volume, measurements, and converting units by scaling brownie recipes to different pans and considering servings in a pan


Grades: 6-10


Timeline: 2 class periods


This Lesson Includes:

  • Teacher Lesson Plan with...
    • Essential Questions, Objectives, NGSS standards
    • Lab Prep Information (Materials, Ingredients, Amazon Lists when appropriate, Tips & Tricks)
    • Day-by-Day Lesson Plans
  • Anchor Reading- Intended for both teacher and students. Explains key concepts in detail and provides helpful visuals.
  • Classroom Slides with directions for lesson flow, turn and talk prompts, illustrations and graphics, embedded videos, and whole group reflection questions
  • Student Handouts with step-by-step lab directions and other activities
  • Videos (instructional lab videos + other videos)


Special Note: Unlike our other lessons, this lesson is primarily theoretical. 


While this brownie recipe is simple, it requires 30+ minutes to bake, even with smaller batches. We are currently experimenting with more classroom friendly options.


We have provided the brownie recipe for students to do at home, as well as a highly accessible and significantly quicker “brownie in a mug” recipe that students can measure in class and then take home to finish in the microwave (it takes one minute in the microwave!).


All materials are included in a Google Drive folder.

Scaling a Brownie Recipe (High School)