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Caramel Apples

science snack

Explore chemical changes by watching sugar transform into caramel and making caramel apples.

total time:

90 minutes

active time:

60 minutes



major equipment:

hot plate or stovetop

materials include:

  • material list with shopping links

  • printable directions and worksheets

  • troubleshooting tips

  • suggestions for tinkering & extension

for educators

essential question(s):

How does sugar transform when you heat it?

How is caramel made and why are certain ingredients and steps so important in its final texture and taste?


- Explain how sugar chemically changes during caramelization using scientific language and senses
- Describe the chemical and physical changes that occur after heavy cream is added to caramelized sugar
- Explain the function behind certain ingredients and steps in caramel

science concepts:

chemical reactions, chemical and physical properties

grade levels:




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