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Organic Home Garden

Our Soil

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  • What is in soil?

  • Why do plants need soil?

  • How do we take care of soil and why do we need to?

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Learn about how soil provides nutrients, specifically nitrogen, to plants and how we can keep soil fertile for plants.

810-1000L Article:


Learn more about why plants need soil, different ways we can add nitrogen to soil, and how different plants require different amounts of nitrogen.

There are two versions of this article for different reading levels (810-1000L and 1010-1200L).

1010-1200L Article:


Listen to soil expert Clark Harshbarger about how he helps farmers understand their land and regenerate their farm.

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Step into the shoes of a farmer in this fun game. Plant different crops and monitor how much money you have earned and how much nitrogen is left in your soil.

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