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our team

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Kate Strangfeld

founder | producer | curriculum developer

Kate is a research fellow at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and received her Masters of Education in Learning Design, Innovation, and Technlogy from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Previously, Kate taught middle school science and high school chemistry for 8 years in Washington, D.C., at a public charter school and international IB school. She also has a culinary degree specializing in health-supportive foods and worked in various restaurants and as a private chef. She now has a blog called Kate Cooks. Kate approaches cooking as both an artist and a scientist: she loves to methodically dissect recipes while also being playfully creative.


Heide Baron

science consultant | fact checker

Heide is currently a graduate student in chemical biology at Harvard working on neurodegenerative disease in Steve Haggarty's lab. She loves cooking and baking as a hobby. In fall of 2021, she was a teaching assistant for Harvard's undergraduate "Science and Cooking" class, which piqued her interest in using food to make science more accessible. 

felicia ho_5237.JPG

Felicia Ho

science consultant | fact checker | illustrations

Felicia is a current senior at Harvard College studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. Ever since she was little, she has always loved everything and anything about food—wrapping dumplings with her grandparents—and education—teaching her little brother how to make those delicious dumplings. After finally putting the two together to make a middle school-level fermentation kit for a class project, she joined Bite Scized, where she is excited to pursue yet another interest—science communication with all kinds of doodles! As she embarks on a career in medicine, she hopes to learn more about how to empower healthy kids and families through fun and informative nutrition education. 

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Audrey von Raesfeld

science consultant | fact checker

Audrey is a graduate student at Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She is pursuing her PhD in Applied Physics studying how the principles of soft matter physics can be used to engineer nanostructures and design optical materials. She is passionate about cooking and culinary history and sees food as a universally accessible way to introduce scientific concepts.

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Daisy Chang

science educator | curriculum review

Daisy holds a chemistry & biochemistry degree and is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Harvard Graduate School of Education in Teaching and Teacher Leadership. She aims to support learning through creative teaching methods and exploring with project-based learning to equip students with essential knowledge that allows them to tackle future challenges.

emily headshot.jpeg

Emily Parke

afterschool science and cooking club leader

Emily is a junior at Harvard University studying Integrative Biology, and she is so excited to be teaching Science of Cooking again! When she isn’t learning as many animal facts as she can (did you know Greenland sharks can live for more than 250 years?), she loves teaching, cooking, and (most importantly) eating. She looks forward to encouraging students to develop their cooking skills, tinker with recipes, and learn the science behind some of their favorite foods both inside and outside of the classroom

our interns

From day one, we aimed to include high schoolers on our design team to help us test out our activities and contribute their own ideas. 


Tindra enjoys eating brownie batter, baking bread, and making desserts for her family. Her favorite field of science is chemistry; what more could you ask for than making stuff explode, watching magic unfold, and baking?!


Isa loves all things match (especially matcha ice cream) and electron configurations. She wants to study neuroscience in the future. 


Martina loves bandeja paisa or ajiaco. Her favorite lab was where she used a variety of acids to attempt to make paneer. 


Naomi bakes cakes and enjoys experimenting with how to improve upon her recipes. Physics is her favorite science study, especially solving circular motion problems. 


Sofia loves making ginger cookies and eating rice. She loved a science lab where she made cookies to test the differences between baking soda and baking powder. 


Zoe enjoys studying anatomy and physiology and will eat anything oat-based. 

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