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Algae Farm

lesson series: food & sustainability

We have created this series of lessons with the support of Eat.Drink.Think.Kids., a special content division of Edible Communities created for children, teachers, and families. Edible Communities is the world’s largest media company devoted to healthy, sustainable foods, which publishes 85+ magazines and websites across North America. 


We would also like to thank Subject to Climate, who helped co-create, review, and evaluate these lesson plans and resources.

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How do Bees Produce our Food?: Pollination

Explore how bees help produce foods through pollination.

Oyster Farming: Sustainability & Ecosystems

Explore oyster farming to investigate the relationship between aquaculture and our planet and learn about the ecosystem services provided by shellfish.

Nourishing Soil for Food: Nitrogen Cycling and the Environment

Students explore the importance of soil for our planet and in food production and environmentally friendly ways to nourish soil.

Where does our discarded food go?: Decomposition & Cycling of Matter

Explore what occurs as food decomposes, different methods of food disposal (landfill and compost), and how this impacts the planet.
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