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In this 7-day lesson, students explore different apple varieties, what features breeders and scientists consider most important, and how both genotype and environmental factors impact these features.


Grades: 6-10 **

This lesson is specifically written for middle school, but can easily be adapted to a high school level.


For high school, this will likely be condensed into a shorter lesson and/or additional content may be needed to explain 1) asexual and sexual reproduction in more detail (e.g. mitosis, meiosis) and 2) how DNA codes for proteins, which then can impact traits.


This Lesson Includes:

  • Teacher Lesson Plan with Essential Questions, Objectives, and NGSS standards, Lab Preparation (Materials, Ingredients, Amazon Lists when appropriate, and Tips & Tricks) and day-by-day lesson plans
  • Classroom Slides with directions for lesson flow, turn and talk prompts, illustrations and graphics, embedded videos, and whole group reflection questions
  • Student Handouts with step-by-step lab directions and other activities
  • Videos: an instructional lab video, a 10-minute "Science Behind" video, and an expert podcast


All materials are included in the Google Drive folder

Apple Varieties

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