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In this 3-6 day lesson, students explore what substances can be used to make baking powder, design their own DIY baking powder, and then test their prototype in a classroom friendly Vietnamese honeycomb cake.


Prerequisite: Students must have completed sections of our Baking Soda and Kefir Flatbread Lesson and Baking Powder and Cupcakes Lesson. This lesson specifically builds on concepts already established in these lessons.


This Lesson Includes:

  • Teacher Lesson Plan with Essential Questions, Objectives, and NGSS standards, Lab Preparation (Materials, Ingredients, Amazon Lists when appropriate, and Tips & Tricks) and day-by-day lesson plans
  • Classroom Slides with directions for lesson flow, turn and talk prompts, illustrations and graphics, embedded videos, and whole group reflection questions
  • Student Handouts with step-by-step lab directions and other activities
  • Videos: an instructional lab video and a fun and informative "Science Behind" video


All materials are included in a Google Drive folder.

Engineering Baking Powder & Banh Bo Nuong

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