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This "Science Snack" is an abbreviated 1-2 day lesson meant for Halloween. Explore sublimation, phase changes, and the behavior of a dry ice by making a potion that you can drink!




  • Learn what dry ice is and how it behaves in different liquids through prompts and close observations

  • Make a fun Halloween “potion” while learning about dry ice

  • Explore how to calculate the density and mass of dry ice fog


Grades: 6-10


Timeline: 1-2 class periods


This Lesson Includes:

  • Teacher Lesson Plan with...
    • Essential Questions, Objectives, NGSS standards
    • Lab Prep Information (Materials, Ingredients, Amazon Lists when appropriate, Tips & Tricks
  • Classroom Slides with directions for lesson flow, turn and talk prompts, illustrations and graphics, embedded videos, and whole group reflection questions
  • Student Handouts with step-by-step lab directions and other activities
  • Video (instructional lab video)


All materials are included in a Google Drive folder.


Note: We mention this multiple times in our lesson plan, but dry ice is NOT safe for consumption. The dry ice is purely for a spooky and dramatic effect and should not be present in any cup or jar that is being drunken out of.

Halloween Dry Ice Labs & DIY Potions

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