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In this 14-16 day unit, students learn about what traits scientists study in apples, how genotype and environmental factors impact these traits, and how to measure these traits. To apply their learning, students design their own apple breed and write a guide that outlines its genetic makeup, environmental considerations, and how they would market the apple.


Grades: 7-9


This 14-16 day unit includes:

  • Detailed Unit & Lesson Plan that includes learning Goals, NGSS Standards, Literacy Standards (CCSS), Vocabulary, Scope & Sequence

  • Daily Lesson Plans for 14 Lessons (most lessons are intended for a 45-60 minute period; a few lessons stretch over two periods)

  • 4 Videos (includes instructional lab videos, expert podcast, and core “science behind” video)

  • 2 Labs that are easy and accessible

  • Apple Anchor Reading: 20-page reading

  • Student Handouts (14 pages)

  • Student Handouts for Project (~10 pages)

  • Grading Rubric

  • Classroom Slides (70 slides; slides are included for each lesson)

PBL Unit: "The Next Big Apple"

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